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Donnelly Sports

Donnelly Sports was looking for someone to model tires in 3D so that they could bring their tire designs to the next level. After looking at some of their current designs, I knew that we would have to bring our modeling A game to their projects. Some of their designs are so incredibly intricate. We had to devise a robust, repeatable method in order to efficiently model the tires in 3D. The method we came up with, cut down on regeneration time by 10 times over our initial method. This was key, because some of the more intricate patterns take a lot of time to regenerate after making changes.

Since we are avid bicyclists ourselves, we are able to understand the performance aspects of the tread patterns and offer some of our own insights into the tire design. We really like working with Donnelly Sports, but we do get a little nervous when the say, “We have this crazy idea for a new tire!”.

The team for these tires consisted of Paul Hammerstrom (PHD), Donn Kellogg (Donnelly Sports), and Johannes Huseby (Donnelly Sports).